How To Save On the High Costs Of AC Repair

There are many different ways you can save money on AC repair costs, no matter what make or model of air conditioner you happen to own, even those window mounted units you find at your local Walmart. Most homes have a central heating and air conditioning unit, and major repairs can cost a lot of money, from a few hundred, to thousands of dollars. Here are just some of the ways you can cut these costs down.

The first place to start is with the warranty. Most major appliances come with a warranty Whirlpool Appliance Repair Los Angeles, and these can last as little as a year to ten years depending on the make and model of the unit. While long warranties are good, any time an extended warranty is offered, you should pay the extra money for it. It always seems that a product will last just as long as the warranty does, and as soon as it expires, something breaks down. Buying an extended warranty may prolong your repair costs for a few years longer, and cost under a hundred dollars. Even those window models may come with a warranty, and some local retailers even offer extended warranties on top of this.

Another way to cut down on AC repair costs is to get major appliance insurance. You may think that your homeowner’s insurance will cover repair costs, but it doesn’t. Unless your AC is broken or damaged by something that your homeowner’s insurance covers, fire, flood, or some other disaster, this insurance is not going to cover a broken appliance. Getting appliance insurance can not only cover your AC, but all your other major appliances as well. Depending on your deductible and premiums, you could pay little or no out of pocket expenses.

Preventing problems in the first place is much cheaper than the costs of repairs. One of the biggest ways you can prevent high AC repair costs is through regular routine maintenance. Some of these things you can even do yourself, like replacing filters, checking the air ducts, and maybe even belts. You need to check your warranty to find out what things you can do on your own, as well as your owner’s manual to find out what areas of your unit you have access to. Getting on a routine maintenance program with a licensed service technician is also a good idea. There are things that you can’t do, and a professional can spot problems before they turn into large repairs. Getting into a program can also save you money if you need repairs in the middle of the night or on week ends.

Another idea for saving money is to find out just how old your unit is. If you find that it is more than ten of fifteen years old, you may want to consider replacing the whole unit, and get one that is highly energy efficient. Older models may have parts that are difficult to find, and this will cost you extra. Newer units will have a much longer warranty, have less mechanical parts, and be far more energy efficient. Changing over to a new system can not only save you money on AC repair costs, but also on your electricity bills.

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