Dryer Cleaning – How to Clean a Clothes Dryer

Dryer cleaning is not only important to keep your clothes clean but also in terms of ensuring safety for you and your family. It has been roughly estimated that unhealthy cleaning techniques of dryers have been one of the major causes of several cases of household fires in the United States each year.

If you do not clean the dryers properly on timely basis, it is bound to deliver bad performance not just for your clothes but also in terms of its overall mechanism which may cause a shot circuit resulting in accidental fires. Hence proper dryer cleaning and maintenance should be your topmost priority.

Dryers work by producing heat for drying your clothes lg dryer repair pasadena, hence every time you use them a certain amount of flammable material is always present in it, which can be removed only through proper maintenance.

It is always advised that you begin your dryer cleaning by wiping all the dirt and dust particles that are accumulated at the dryer surface after which you can proceed to wipe the pipe interiors with the help of a moist clean piece of cloth. Long length duct pipes can be effectively cleaned only by using a microfiber mop or such other kind of dusting tool that can be very helpful in removing huge amount of lint. You can also try to vacuum the dirt, by using specific vacuum cleaners with upholstery attachments.

People who use dryers regularly must make sure to frequently clean their dryers once in every few months for ensuring proper performance. Wherever your dryer is placed you must always make sure that the ducting is not bent or inappropriately positioned. Fires are easily caused when the when the lint and heat are both trapped in obstructed duct pipes. Removing the lint and dirt from both the directions of the pipe will minimize the risk of any accidental fire in future.

Also keep a watch on the outer exhaust hood to make sure that air is able to pass through it accordingly. Also keep inspecting constantly if a steady blast of air is released while the dryer is still working.

Every time you use your dryer try to keep the lint traps as clean as you can because air blockage between the duct pipe and exhaust hood is the major cause of fire. The combination of lint traps and hot air easily gives rise to immediate fire. Lint buildup also avoids exhaust from escaping. This also results in power energy being used inefficiently; thereby resulting in wearing out of the dryer components on a much faster basis. Hence your dryer will stop functioning properly very often.

Keep vacuuming the area surrounding the dryer once every few days so as to avoid lint building. Keep the dryer surface clean for preventing corrosion caused due to water spills. These spills does not only harm the enameled surface of the dryer but also its plastic knobs and controls. If you want your dryer cleaning to be extremely efficient pay equal attention not just to the internal aspects of the dryer but also its external appearance by wiping its exterior body with a clean cloth every day. This will keep your dryer looking new for a longer time.

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